Embark on a transformative journey with our personalized consultation service WITH RIVAAJ. This isn't just a session; it's your ticket to unlocking a roadmap tailored to elevate your coaching, course creation, or webinar game.




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Consulting Service


Ready to elevate your coaching, course creation, or webinar game? Our 2-hour Strategy Session is your VIP ticket to a personalized meeting that dives deep into your chosen topic. This transformative experience is tailored to propel your journey forward, and now, we’re offering three distinct tracks to choose from:

Consulting Services
Strategy Session – Choose Your Focus:

Topics We Can Explore:

Course Outline and Structure
Course Design & Content Creation
Technology -Platform and Hosting 

How It Works:

Book Your 2-Hour Session
Complete Prep Work
Engage in a 2-hour video meeting
Receive a personalized action plan
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Offer Creation Consultation

What’s Included:

2-Hour Deep Dive into Your Current Messaging and “I Help” Statement
Structuring Your Three Offers: Entry Level, Core Offer, and High Ticket Offer
In-Depth Teaching on Offer Structure and Effectiveness

How It Works:

Book Your 2-Hour Session
Uncover the Power of Your Messaging
Craft Irresistible Offers That Resonate
Walk Away with a Clear Offer Blueprint

Tech Consultation:

What’s Included:

Full Review and Suggestions for Your Platform, Webinar Funnels, Websites, and Online Courses
Revamping and Adjusting Any Technical Issues
Expert Advice on Payment Gateways and Lead Magnet Integration

How It Works:

Book Your 2-Hour Session
Comprehensive Platform Review
Receive Expert Recommendations
Elevate Your Tech Game



invest in your vision

Each session is an investment in your success, priced at $997. The value you receive will far exceed the investment you make. Choose the session that aligns with your goals and let’s ignite your vision together!

Ready to Ignite Your Vision?
Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your coaching, course creation, or webinar journey. Schedule your 2-hour Strategy Session now!




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