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specializing in creating scalable coaching Businesses that Stop Coaches feeling burnt out.
We help passionate coaches craft powerful coaching programs, Online Courses and automate their businesses, so they can reach more clients, free up their time, and create a sustainable, impactful business.

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Your Stress-Free Webinar Funnels Done-For-You


we help speakers like you shine without the tech stress. From crafting landing pages to seamless email automation, we handle your entire webinar funnel - leaving you free to deliver your impactful message effortlessly

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Your Website, Your Way: Let's Build it Together!


we help you get the website Or sales pages you've always wanted. With Rivaaj, it's simple – your vision, our expertise. Let's create something amazing

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The Struggle is real…

You’re not alone in this. Many coaches and consultants struggle with this just like you…


Endless 1:1 calls draining your time and energy leaving no time for growth.

Lack of Clarity:

No clarity on your core offers, leaving you confused and overwhelmed.

Tech Frustrations

Struggling with platforms, websites, and funnels. The tech side of online courses and webinars feels like a foreign language.


Exhausted from Industry-Tailored Advice?

Feeling lost in industry-wide recommendations that don’t address your unique needs.

No we don’t have a crystal ball to read your mind…we’ve been there…

If  you are a coach, consultant, or online entrepreneur  struggling to scale up your business, unclear about your offers, feeling the overwhelm with turning your expertise into a thriving online course, a structured coaching program, or high converting webinar funnel? Rivaaj is your seasoned ally, with a rich history of crafting success stories over the last five years.

Our Commitment: Elevate Your Impact, Amplify Your Income

In a world where information overload, You, the expert seeking to make a difference, are the hero of your story. Your journey is filled with challenges, doubts, and the desire for transformation. Our role? We are your seasoned guide, a mentor who illuminates the path toward creating, building, and launching your online courses, coaching programs, and webinars. Entre the last place you ever need to get you there.

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Skip the guesswork, ditch the tech headaches.

We’re not just another agency. We’re your done-for-you partner in building thriving online business.

We’ve been there

so we know what’s it like to want turning your coaching and consulting expertise into online courses, programs and webinars that connects with you ideal clients

We’re not just here to make things pretty – there’s a bigger picture.

How would your business look & feel if you could…

✓ Clarity: Discover the proven strategies working today to attract ideal clients.
✓ Profitability: Package and deliver services that align with your lifestyle and income goals.
✓ Authority: Build a strong reputation through engaging content and offers, so your ideal clients can’t wait to work with you
✓ Alignment: Focus on the strategies and platforms that feel authentic to you.
✓ Growth: Scale your business to the level you desire with powerful clear online  offers, programs and online courses.

It’s about sharing your unique wisdom and inspiring the world.

Our clients courses, coaching programs & webinar funnels have generated 6/7 figures in their business and positively impacted  of thousands of lives.

High-quality service! Very pleased. Outstanding experience! Rivaaj is very patient and flexible. He completely set up my full online course everything done with no chasing , and the results were amazing and professional. I am always asking from asking him to help me with my next project. I highly recommend his services to others looking to create highly profitable e-courses. Don't wait. Buy now.

Sheena Cantar High Performance Mindset Mentor


My experience was absolutely wonderful! I was so impressed with how well he listened, executed and communicated with me throughout the project. He has a sincere passion to meet his client's desires- and I must say, he definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m not only using his services moving forward, but I will gladly refer him to my clients.

Ewa Pietzak
CEO Abundance Results Mindset Coach

Supported me to completely rebrand my old site and move it onto a new platform, added in so many new  features and the support during creation and completion was stress free and fantastic. Still using Rivaaj with setting up my online school and highly recommend using his services as he adds more solutions than you think possible "

Monica Haughey Physiotherapist

I used the services of The Online Content Creator to set up my automated courses as well as my website for my coaching business and I have received an excellent ongoing support throughout the process. Rivaaj has an extensive knowledge and experience in his field and he was able to consult me and give me direction to grow my business. I would highly recommend any business or professional who is willing to scale up and work with international standards.

Arlette Shohmelian Mindset and Parent Coach




Online Course Creation


Empower your expertise by transforming it into impactful online courses. Our comprehensive Online Course Creation service covers every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and engaging learning experience for your audience. From content creation and curriculum structuring to platform setup and interactive elements, we craft courses that resonate and deliver value.

Signature Service-PROGRAMCRAFT PRO


We Build, Craft and Launch  Your Signature  Coaching Program

Here we take you from 1-1 to a 1- many scale system and business. Experience the ultimate hands-free approach with our Signature Done-for-You Service. We take care of everything – from honing your message and crafting your signature coaching program to designing and launching your online courses. Our end-to-end service includes clarity messaging,  program  & offer creation, three-tiered offer structuring (entry level/core/high ticket offer), platform setup (website, sales pages, video editing, workbooks, payment gateways), and lead magnet creation. This service is your shortcut to success, personalized to elevate your coaching business.

Webinar Funnels


Maximize your reach and impact with our Webinar Done-for-You Service. We handle every aspect of creating a successful webinar, from building landing pages and crafting compelling content to designing signup forms, thank-you pages, and implementing a comprehensive email automation strategy. Our goal is to make your webinars not just informative but highly converting, ensuring your message resonates with your audience.

coaching & consultation

1-1 personalized 

Need guidance on your coaching business, course creation strategy, or webinar planning? Our 1-1 Coaching & Consultation Services provide personalized sessions with our experienced team. Whether it’s refining your messaging, optimizing your offers, or strategizing your online presence, we’re here to provide expert advice tailored to your unique goals.

Website Creation


Your online journey begins with a captivating website, landing, sales pages. Our Done-for-You Website Creation service goes beyond aesthetics; we build websites that resonate with your brand and convert visitors into clients. From branding and content creation to seamless navigation and integrated payment gateways, we create a digital home that reflects your business at its best.

course creation


For the hands-on entrepreneur, our Do-It-Yourself Course Creation service provides the tools and guidance you need to build your courses independently. We offer expert consultation, platform recommendations, content structuring advice, and valuable resources to empower you throughout the course creation journey. It’s the perfect balance of autonomy and expert support.



Building successful coaches, one business at a time.




I’m Rivaaj Ramjan or Rij (let’s keep things easy)!

Offer & Course Creation Entrepreneur | I help passionate coaches & consultants break free from 1-on-1 grind & scale their impact with clear offers, coaching programs, online courses, webinar funnels & systems. Done-For-You Service

Meet Rivaaj – your entrepreneur, edupreneur, coach, personal development fanatic, and all-around guide for turning passion into purpose. As a course creator, web designer, and coach, Rivaaj is on a mission to help coaches like you build high-ticket coaching programs, online courses, webinar funnels and navigate the online business world.

Why does he do it? It’s simple. Rivaaj loves helping coaches succeed, and he knows it’s not just about strategy and tech – mindset matters too. Having been on the same journey, he gets that real change goes beyond tools and tactics. It’s about unlocking your potential, and mindset is a big part of that.

Rivaaj’s “done for you” service isn’t just about the digital stuff; it’s about supporting your mindset too. He believes that every online course, program, website and webinar funnel created is a step toward a bigger impact. He sees a world where coaches thrive, turning their passion into purpose and inspiring millions.

20% Strategy and 80% Mindset. Both matter! 

Clients talk


Stacy McDougal
Owner of Strength in 2 Fitness Gym

Louise Slattery
Coach and Hypnotherapist

Giedre Jurgut
PGI Consultant and Success Coach

Ana Veronica
Life Coach Coach and Healer



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