As an online coach, speaker, trainer or edupreneur you are ready to share your knowledge with the world but you are facing some hurdles in doing so.

You either lack the time or the know-how to build your course or your high ticket coaching program.

Not techy minded and struggling with all the backend set-up. Too may pieces to put together that you never knew of. Different problems, but with the same result. Not launching your course or coaching programs! Not sharing your knowledge with the world! Not growing your coaching  business!

We talk to online coaches, speakers, online entrepreneurs  & course creators – aspiring new and established – on a daily basis and we know your challenges. We can help to overcome  those frustrations and struggles!


I’m Rivaaj  Ramjan or Rij (let’s keep things easy)!

An entrepreneur, edupreneur, course and program creator, content creator, graphic designer, web designer,  course creator, coach, artist, author and blogger with a passion for helping people create their high ticket coaching programs and supporting new coaches setting up their online business.

I am on a journey to try to help millions and the one way is to help as many coaches create their online programs which in turn will help others and hopefully impact millions through this channel.

I am devoting my life to transformation, storytelling, and helping others share their true message with the world. Turn your Passion into your Purpose and Live your Life you Deserve.

‶My services (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you create your online course and coaching programs, well, anything that will help you move your income needle and give you a life of time freedom.”



… serval times.

When working with us:

… you’ll have a professional looking and on-brand course site and platform.

… your course or program will be integrated with  edited branded videos lessons, branded workbooks/guides, landing pages, sales funnels, payment gateways setup, e-mails automations set up. All of the many pieces that you need to get your set to launch.

… your site will be marketing ready.

… you will not have to spend any time learning new tricks and any of the technical stuff that is required to get your courses and programs out to the world.

… you’ll know for sure that your site is built with the right software and have on going support.

… you can leave the  development to us while you do what you do best:  coach, create and share knowledge.

… you’ll get strategic course creation advice and support from start of creation all the way beyond your build.

 Thought become things. “If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

Bob Proctor

You show us your idea; we’ll make it your reality.

We will create, build and get you ready to launch professionally all in one place with one team to supporting you.

And the best part is you get to speak to an actual person (me and the team).

We are bringing back the human touch while bringing your idea into reality.

We have tried out several online course platforms over the years and have developed a serious fascination with some of them! But we will work with you to choose the best option for you. 

We are working with Kajabi, Thinkific, TeachableLearnWorlds, Better Practice, LearnDash       e-learning platforms, or even creating a stand-alone WordPress course/membership platform.

We have several favorite platforms that we use, but we will advise you on a solution that works best for you. We look at your capabilities, budget, business goals, and needs. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all.

So, if you are starting or looking to change platforms, we can offer you advice on what is best for you. We continuously research what options are out there and compare the new with what we know.

And if you have already made your choice, then we can jump into building your online course or coaching program platform right away. COMPLETELY DONE FOR YOU

Finally! Get Your Online Course , Group Coaching Programs or Launch your Online Business Out To The World,

Even If You Suck With Technology!

We know online courses and coaching programs as we have been doing website design for several years. We would love to help you build your course site from scratch or rebuild your existing one. From the design to the build including video editing, workbook creation, landing pages, sales pages, payment setup and e-mail automations branded. We can support you all the way with our completely done for you service.

We create landing pages for clients from all niches that completely serves different purposes. Paired with super slick designs that promote a single offer or your registration for your live launches and online workshops. It’s us doing a complete design and setup with your content to drive the traffic to your brand and offers. That’s the power of our landing pages! Done for you.

This is a service we get asked on a regular basis as stand alone or part of a full sales funnel. Based on your offer, your audience, and your goals we will build your sales pages and funnels with opt in forms, your lead magnets, sales pages, social media banners, directed to your landing page including setting up your e-mails automations to follow. Pages are fully Facebook compliant as 2021/22 guide lines.

We are online business strategists and we know Learning Management Software. Based on your business model, goals, and budget we can advise you on the best course site platforms and software for your online business or we will build your own stand alone membership site. 

We know all about designing and building complete websites using WordPress and other software. We have been doing website design for serval  years. We would love to help you build your website from scratch or rebuild your existing one. From the design to the build, we can do it all even build your own course or membership site. 

We have been supporting several coaches to setup their online monthly masterclasses, online workshops or “live launches”. We will set up your landing pages, opt in forms, e-mails automations, linked third party sites to capture your leads ( like active campaign, zippier, Kajabi) and your social media ads. banners. We offer a monthly support so you don’t have to.

Our business is built on the passion for what we do and the drive to help inspire others. We’re dreamers and doers who believe in relentlessly exploring what’s possible. We’re passionate, playful and deeply invested in our passion, drive and clients.

  • Our founder  years of experience in working with high end brands, events and from one on one to large teams.
  • years of experience in running our own business successfully.
  • years of experience in senior management roles with companies (very) large and some not.
  •  years experience in developing and building websites.
  • Working with online course creators, coaches and trainers since 2015 – specializing in course creation since 2019.
  • We are constantly learning new platforms, software, and improving with updated course creation techniques. 
  • We are genuinely interested in the topic you teach and the business you run and will do our best to find the best solution for your business.
  • We want to help you succeed so we have been coaching clients of course creation for years and we understand what coaches face when creating their courses and programs.
  • We are prepared and have invested our own time and money with some of the best coaches so we can assist you more.


✓ One on One Support

One on one support with over 200 hours of coaching, getting your course structured, content ideas, pricing, finding your dream client and more…

✓ Idea! Creating Your Lesson 

 We get working on your content – video, worksheets, guides, landing page script… full support during recording your lesson

✓ Then we start the building process

Full backend tech setup including building your course on a hosting platform like Kajabi, Thinkific, video editing, guidebook creation landing pages, payment gateways, e-mail automation and more…

✓ Launched with Ongoing Support

We  will get you set to start pre selling even while we are still building. 

Added support like sales page setup,  landing page setup, ongoing  support and training and lifetime access to our team… if you need us to maintain your backend, add new services or update information.

You will never see an offer like this again, so Don’t be silly be sure to grab it NOW!!

Will You Be The Next Success Story?

Stacy McDougal
Owner of Strength in 2 Fitness Gym
Louise Slattery
Coach and Hypnotherapist
Giedre Jurgut
PGI Consultant and Success Coach
Ana Veronica
Life Coach Coach and Healer
"Before I started working with Rivaaj, I didn't even think creating an online programme was something I could actually do. From the first call I knew I had chosen the right person to work with because he made me feel very much at ease with this whole process that felt so daunting. He literally helped me take baby steps in building my program, supported me the whole way and made me feel very relaxed. After working with Rivaaj, now I am much more confident speaking in front of the camera and building a picture of the value I want my clients to receive. He helped me visualize and bring this program to life. I definitely couldn't have done this without his expertise. All I had to do was send over my recording s and Rivaaj took care of the rest. This now means that I can create more programs going forward which I am already feeling very excited about! Ideas are just flowing to me and Rivaaj paved the way for that. Thank you so much Rivaaj Don't wait. Buy now."
Jeyanthi Nair
Nutritional Therapist and Founder of SoulNourish
Stacy McDougal
Owner of Strength in 2 Fitness
“I have used the services of The Online Content Creator to set up my email automation as well as my website for my coaching business and I have received an excellent ongoing support throughout the process. Rivaaj has an extensive knowledge and experience in his field and he was able to consult me and give me direction to grow my business. I would highly recommend any business or professional who is willing to scale up and work with international standard session to meet his client’s desires- and I must say, he definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m not only using his services moving forward, but I will gladly refer her to my clients.”.
Arlette Shohmelian
Mindset and Parent Coach
High-quality service! Very pleased. Outstanding experience! Rivaaj is very patient and flexible. He completely set up my full online course everything done with no chasing , and the results were amazing and professional. I am always asking from asking him to help me with my next project. I highly recommend his services to others looking to create highly profitable e-courses. Don't wait. Buy now.
Sheena Cantar
High Performance Mindset Mentor
Highly professional, with an incredible creative ability. I had the opportunity to get to know Rivaaj more closely and realize that in addition to being a magnificent entrepreneur, he is an incredible human being with high moral values. Very grateful to have worked with you and to know you Rivaaj
Edgar Tavares
Dreams Into Reality Academy Owner & Co-Founder
"My experience was absolutely wonderful! I was so impressed with how well he listened, executed and communicated with me throughout the project. He has a sincere passion to meet his client's desires- and I must say, he definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m not only using his services moving forward, but I will gladly refer her to my clients."
Ewa Pietzak
CEO Abundance Results Mindset Coach
"A Million thank you Rivaaj Ramjan from The Online Content Creator for helping to turn my vision into a reality! 🙌 If you’re looking for someone to help you create quality content for your business, check out. Can't recommend it highly enough."
Michelle N Mendez
Founder of Michelle Mendez Coaching
"I Am Delighted To Announce The Launch Of My New Website! A Special Thanks To Rivaaj Ramjan of “ The 0nline Content Creator “ . I Cant Recommend Him Enough! Do Check Out His Work👍🏻"
Chris O Hara
Irelands Top Selling Artist

Our work opens people up emotionally & creatively. Allowing them to share their message to others and become a NEW INSPIRIATION TO MILLIONS and turning their PASSION into their PURPOSE. Curious what might be in store for you?.

  • You are an aspiring online coach, speaker, trainer, consultant or course creator (in any niche) who has an amazing, value-packed course ready to launch.
  • You know exactly who your ideal client is and what your market is.
  • You have a positive  mindset and ready to give it your best.
  • You are decisive and willing to invest time and money to achieve the results you want.
  • You are coachable, open-minded, and willing to listen to new ideas and concepts. 
  • You are looking for a Done-For-You solution or a Done-With- You service.
  • You have a realistic goals set for your course or programs.
  • You have a realistic budget. No budget means that we cannot help you. You won’t devalue your service so we value ours just as much.
  • You want to share your knowledge, passion and stand out from others  yourself and turn your passion into your purpose.

Did you answer YES to all questions? Then book your FREE Clarity Call now!

Step #1

Book a call with Rivaaj or a team member.

Step #2

Fill out a questionnaire for our prep

Step #3

 Get excited and show up for the Clarity Call on time!!!

That is a hard one. We have different investment levels we work with depending on what you requite as we support small projects our Complete Done With you and For You Service.

We can talk to you about your goals, ambitions, desires, and available budget. Then we advise you on the best solution and give your an investment option that best for your wants.  We don’t say costs in our circle as it’s an investment that you are putting in yourself and your future. How much are you willing to invest to get what you desire? 

There are some variables we have to take into account. Like, do you want to maintain and update the website yourself after we have built it for you? Or are you able to main and make  changes to your platform once we are done? Another question to answer is if your  business will serve large group of students and can the platform support this. If you want a automated platform that does all the work for you and with some platforms you will be paying a monthly cost to keep the platform. 

We can go this questions during our clarity call or see what the best option is do once we start the course, program build.

The purpose of  investing in yourself with us is we will  help and support you go from idea to having a fully created, built and launched course or coaching program on a hosting site. If you want to save time it’s best to come to us with some of you content ready to go for editing and building your site or platform.

We will coach you every step of the way if you need it and will design, structure and built your  course or program completely done for you. 

This depends on a number of things:

  • the size and scope of the site;
  • how fast we receive the input and content needed to start producing;
  • how fast you give us content, feedback and approval of ideas and concepts.
  • how fast you are willing to work with us. It could take 4 weeks up to 90 days. It’s all up to how fast we work as a team. 

We always start with an onboarding meeting for which the client prepares and which helps us to get all the stuff we need to start building at the same time.

Depending on where you are on your own progress we can focus on yours in a few weeks. But always keep in mind that we have multiple clients an accounts we work with at one given time and out teams are focused on daily tasks and if needed we can give you complete focus but we can talk about this when we start and set a timeline for both parties. 

We like to work with coaches, speakers, trainers course creators in any niche or market that who have true and proven knowledge or solutions to share and who are experts in their field or just starting out and want to share your passion and knowledge with others. We all start somewhere. 

We have work in a broad variety of niches and topics – from personal development,  to fitness coaches, holistic healers, artist and from education institutions creating their online schools. Our only requirement is that you run an ethical business and will benefit and support others and not just in for the money.

As a large part of our day is spent working so  we as team would like to have fun doing what we love. We get to know our clients in a personal way, share some small talk before diving into business, and have a laugh on a regular basis. Time wasters and energy drainers are not allowed! 

We have turned away some clients if we feel we are not a good match both for you and our companies ethos. 


We are located  in the Central European Timezone. with head office in Ireland( for now)

We take on clients from European and American, Canadian, Australian  time zones. and our coaching session will be agreed ahead of time to best match time zones for both as we do stop working at a reasonable time like everyone.  

We are fluent in English and few other languages, but focus on clients who do business in the English language or will be able to provide content in their language requirements but we will not review or edit any of the content . We will create with your content. 

We ask that you be conscious of our time and yours and  if you have a questions before booking a call, please email us to ask your question.

Due to a difference in timezone, it may take us up to a 24 hrs to answer your question. But we will always answer.

Once we start working together we will have access to our direct contact lines, direct number and depending on your service set days of the week were we can have a chat and go through any questions or challenges. 

We are coaching and a digital agency specializing in supporting coaches, speakers, trainers and course creators in any niche create, build and launch their  online business, online courses and coaching programs. 

Our main business model is our complete done for you service where we create, build the backend and frontend of your course or program and get it launched.

We are tech and creative minded and will do almost anything creative and tech related for your business. 

We have a coaching division as well that works on a one to one with clients to coach them to create their content for their courses or programs. That’s our Done with you and For you service. 

Digital Agency and Coaching 

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